Technology makes us
even more capable

At INGECID we see BIM as being an enabling methodology capable of improving our workflow, team efficiency and the taking of decisions in any type of project.

That is why we actively involve ourselves in disseminating the principles of BIM at all levels we possibly can.

“Once rightly understood, BIM methodology must be simply executed by implementing it in a practical manner tailored to the uses expected of it and by interfering as little as possible with the daily tasks in order to totally and harmoniously integrate it into the teamwork”.


We offer the efficient management of BIM projects that require a high level of detail as well as the support and advice of a team with a great deal of technical knowledge.

We work as a team to provide a unique vision

Our multidisciplinary BIM team has experience with large-scale projects (civil engineering, industrial, building) and the skills required to tackle everything that a BIM project entails.

Design and modelling

We work alongside our clients to optimise results by providing efficient engineering solutions.

We help with the project development process, where our great attention to detail results in routine actions being performed seamlessly, which in turn contributes to the prevention of interferences and errors, shorter deadlines, and an optimum use of resources.

In-depth knowledge of the tools available

Our team is experienced in working on and with most of the platforms and software available on the market, which it uses to great effect in accordance with the subject area in question

Revit, Civil 3D, Istram, OpenRoads, Autocad Plant 3D, Solidworks, 3DsMax, Navisworks, Solibri, Recap, Vircore, BIM 360, Project Wise...


Some of the uses of BIM methodology enable our team to develop simulations, analyse construction processes, detect interferences, and even produce hyperrealistic videos for demonstration and project presentation purposes.

4D planning

Very useful in complex processes, 4D simulation has enabled us to reduce interferences, optimise planning and improve the construction process in many of the projects in which we have participated.


for detailed monitoring of projects finances, from conception to construction.

and safety reports automatically

that enable our clients to take decisions quickly and confidently

Operations and

Anticipation and foresight help reduce costs

We pay special attention to the BIM classification and encoding systems in such a way that the models we develop while monitoring a project provide integrated “as built” information on completion.

This integrated information enables the operating company to speed up and optimise the management of the operation and maintenance processes as it provides, in a clear and comprehensible manner, all the relevant data, including a detailed list of the health and safety measures that might have been planned during the development of the project.


We also have experience in setting up the connections required between operation and maintenance systems, sensors and all the other databases for converting BIM models into digital twins that enable the information to be managed and displayed in a 3D environment by the use of machine learning algorithms and simulations.

AR and VR

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies enable a high degree of immersion and detail that especially benefits from the information layers contained in a project developed in accordance with BIM methodology.

Our team is experienced in making the most of this advantage to generate virtual environments that offer a multitude of possibilities in activities such as training, coaching, drill development, data research, flow analysis and the immersive reviewing of 3D models.


These are just some of the BIM related projects that we’ve participated in:


The aim of the SAFETY4D Module has been to develop an advanced high-performance process for the prevention of occupational risks...

BIM implementation and management of the Bilbao South Metropolitan Bypass

INGECID has extensive experience in civil works projects developed under the umbrella of the BIM methodology. Specifically, one of the...
BIM implementation and management of the Bilbao South Metropolitan Bypass

BIM implementation at ADIF

INGECID, thanks to its experience in BIM methodology implementations, has been able to participate, providing technical assistance, in the project...
BIM implementation at ADIF

NPPIM Santa Maria de Garoña

The objective of the project has been to develop a complete NPPIM (Nuclear Power Plant Information Modelling, i.e. BIM applied...
NPPIM Santa Maria de Garoña

4D Nuclear power plant maintenance

The project focuses on the virtualisation of maintenance processes. Specifically, the aim is to train workers in the maintenance tasks...
4D Nuclear power plant maintenance

WIKINGER simulation

The aim of the project was to simulate the entire construction process of the Wikinger offshore wind farm using jackets....
WIKINGER simulation