Complex problems,

INGECID’S work is carried out collectively by a multi-disciplinary team of engineers with a passion for challenges.

We are especially motivated by studying the characteristics of each case from multiple angles until we come up with an innovative key element capable of drastically changing the conditions that give rise to the problem and neutralising it.

“Innovation must not be limited to the development of ideas, but also to seeing them come alive with guarantees of efficiency and predictable results”


Our designs are always approached from a practical perspective to provide real life applications. This means we can guarantee the best performance and optimisation of resources in every project we take part in.

Processes that set us apart

When working on highly significant projects, it is important to analyse every detail and optimise it to the maximum. That’s why we specialise in finding the new ways of approaching processes and innovating that set us apart.


Resources are limited, and that is especially so as regards time, which is an incalculable value not only for us, but also for our clients. It is for that reason we guarantee the completion of every stage of the project within the planned deadline while never going back on our pledge of excellence.


Our participation in highly competitive sectors (nuclear, wind power, civil engineering, etc.), combined with our BIM management skills, enables us to know the needs of these sectors first-hand, which in turn inspires us to develop IT tools that allow us to perform our activity even more efficiently.


Our desire to maintain our position in the technological vanguard, we participate in the development of a great many patents, both domestic and international.


Their application in high-profile projects has enabled our clients to incorporate solutions that give them a competitive advantage.


These are just some of the R&D+i-related projects in which we have taken part:

Zeus VSL

The Zeus VSL wind turbine lifting system has been developed jointly by VSL and INGECID. This system is designed for...
Zeus VSL

In-situ concrete tower Policono

The POLICONO in-situ concrete tower has been developed to offer a competitive solution for high-rise wind turbines. Its geometry is...
In-situ concrete tower Policono

Scour protection jacket SPJ

This project, funded by SODERCAN through the I+C=+C 2016 call for proposals, is being developed by the consortium formed by...
Scour protection jacket SPJ

BAE concrete barrier

INGECID researches and develops a new product, consisting of a concrete barrier, capable of minimising the accident rate in traffic...
BAE concrete barrier

Evaluation of probabilistic models

Offshore structures are designed to withstand loads and this capacity must exist throughout their lifetime. Therefore, it is necessary to...
Evaluation of probabilistic models

Fatigue resistance Jackets

Offshore structures are subject to cyclic loading which can lead to failure of the structure. The phenomenon that causes failure...
Fatigue resistance Jackets