One of the new branches of the Kukularra junction opens to traffic

17 December 2021

Today, 17 December 2021, the new branches of the Kukularra junction have been opened to traffic. INGECID is very proud to have participated in this project.

The work, with an investment of some 11 million euros and a duration of 26 months, will alleviate the road safety and congestion problems caused by the braiding of vehicles coming from La Avanzada and those coming from Rontegi at the junction of these at the Txorierri corridor. You can consult the new by clicking here.

The work carried out by INGECID since the beginning of the project has focused on the implementation of the BIM methodology for the proper development of the works. To this end, one of the bases of the project has been collaboration, for which the Vircore Collaborative Environment (CDE) has been established. On the other hand, the different BIM uses foreseen in the BIM execution plan were undertaken, prioritising at all times the identification and resolution of possible interferences to speed up decision-making during the construction process and the monitoring of the project through the development of the progressive as-built model. It is also worth highlighting the model exploitation activities that have allowed the creation of renderings and videos such as the one published in the press release in the previous link.

Finally, thanks to the proactivity and motivation of all the participants in the project, an ecosystem has been achieved that has given us great satisfaction in seeing that the effort made has contributed to the correct execution of the work.