INGECID participates in the TopFuel 2021 Congress with the paper “COATI. Optimal cask loadings and storage planning of an ISFSI”

18 October 2021

From 24 to 28 October, the TopFuel Congress, the most important event in the world in the area of nuclear fuel, will took place in Santander. Javier Alonso Sanz, head of the Nuclear Engineering Department of INGECID, has participated with the paper “COATI. Optimal cask loadings and storage planning of an ISFSI”.

COATI is a project in cooperation with IBERDROLA GENERACIÓN NUCLEAR S.A., which consists of the development of a novel universal platform for the management and optimisation of the spent fuel assemblies inventory of Nuclear Power Plants and their loading into dry storage casks in the Individualised Temporary Stores (ISFSI).

The tool is composed of four modules: Inventory Management, Load Optimisation, Dose Rate Calculation and Load Planning. Thanks to the development of all of them, the COATI application is a useful tool for the management of the inventory of spent fuel stored in the spent fuel pool that allows optimal loading of the containers according to the radiological criteria selected by the user. In addition, it is prepared to help users to make loading plans for ATIs in order to comply with the acceptance criteria established in the Safety Study of the casks and the radiological criteria at the limit of the controlled area established in the regulations.

The event, held at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander, has brought together leading specialists in the field of nuclear fuel management technology from around the world, including power utilities, nuclear power plants and fuel suppliers from around the world, as well as leading technologists, universities and laboratories, who have shared the latest cutting-edge research on current and future high-performance nuclear fuels.