Project Description


Heavy lifting system for wind turbines with very tall concrete towers. Application and obtention of patents, development of the INNOVA R+D+i project and detail design for Gamesa Eólica

Contributors: VSL, Gamesa Eólica

Year: 2012-2016

The Zeus VSL wind turbine lifting system was developed jointly by VSL and INGECID. This system was designed for installation in high-rise towers. The tower acts as a support, in such a way that the elevation and installation of the nacelle and the rotor is carried out without limitations in the height of the tower.

Increasing the height of the wind turbines would allow the capacity factors to be increased. However, the expansion of the wind industry has encountered significant logistical barriers when attempting to reach heights of over 140 m. Cranes capable of installing and replacing heavy equipment on uneven terrain and with high wind speeds have logistical disadvantages (high installation and mobilisation costs) and limited availability.

The Zeus VSL lifting system provides a lightweight and easy to move solution with few mounting elements compared to existing cranes. The developed system can be transported in 10 trucks, requires no special road access or ground preparation and requires little space for mounting at the base of the tower.

This system has been patented and the detailed design for concrete towers has been developed in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa Eólica. EPRI has published an article describing the idea and operation of the proposed lifting system, highlighting its wide application in future wind farms.

Documents to download: EPRI´s publication

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