Project Description


Feasibility study on the storage of special waste casks together with spent fuel casks at Santa María de Garoña’s ISFSI.

Client: ENRESA

Year: 2018

Radiological impact due to the storage of wastes that, due to their degree of activation, cannot be stored in the low and intermediate level waste repository (El Cabril), as a result of which they must be stored in casks in the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) next to the spent fuel assembly casks.

The estimation of the mass of special wastes has been performed using the RAMA methodology and the radiological impact on the ISFSI has been performed using the MAVRIC module of the SCALE package. The possibility of storing the special wastes in both metal and concrete casks has been analysed and the results compared with the radiological limits established by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council through Instruction IS-29.

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