Descripción del proyecto


Simulation of the construction process of Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm


Year: 2017

The objective of the project has been to elaborate a simulation of the complete construction process of Wikinger offshore wind farm, in which the substructures are jackets. For this purpose, the planning and all the processes were analysed, from the manufacture of the components to their installation, including the logistics of their transport.

The 3D/BIM models of all the elements identified during the analysis were developed and treated, including ports, jaquets, wind turbines, turbines, ships, towers, structures, assembly tools, substation, etc.

From the analysis of the transport and assembly of the elements, the necessary animations were made to show these processes according to the planning of the tasks. In the same way, the 3D/BIM animations of the offshore installation process of all the components were carried out, finally obtaining a video simulation that shows the complete construction of the process through the use of BIM 4D and 3D methodology.

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