Descripción del proyecto


Analysis of impacts of vessels in jacket support structures of offshore wind turbines

Client: Iberdrola

Year: 2018

A research project has been carried out in which the consequences of the impacts of ships on offshore jacket foundations for wind turbines have been studied. At present, the number of offshore wind turbines is growing more and more due to the stable and constant flow of the wind and the avoidance of problems related to onshore wind farms, such as noise pollution or visual impact. Collisions between wind turbines and ships are a real possibility. To date, these collisions have received limited attention in the offshore wind energy industry. However, collisions can cause significant damage and even global collapses to structures.

The analysis has been performed using advanced calculation techniques known as Numerical Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (NLDEA). All calculations were carried out according to DNVGL-OS-A101, DNVGL-OS-C101, DNVGL-ST-0126 and DNVGL-ST-4037.

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