Descripción del proyecto


Development of detailed engineering of foundations for 2 MW wind turbines at the Alisios wind farm, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Client: Gamesa

Year: 2017

The Alisios wind farm has five 90-meter-high wind turbines in Morro del Cuchillo Negro, Fuerteventura. INGECID has designed and developed the detailed engineering of the circular reinforced concrete foundations for the five 2 MW wind turbines of the Canary Islands wind farm. The geotechnical study for the different locations on the site was analysed using the PLAXIS software. The design and structural dimensioning was carried out using the Midas Civil finite element software.

The construction of the wind farm, including the installation of the wind turbines, was completed in February 2018 and it came into operation in May 2018.

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