Project Description


Complete engineering and project management of the construction of a prototype in the Experimental Wind Farm of Alaiz

Client: Gamesa Eólica

Project period: 2011-2015

The in situ concrete tower POLICONO has been developed to offer a competitive solution for great height wind turbines. The geometry is specially conceived to allow the construction process with climbing formwork reaching construction rates of 6 m per day. The employ of this technology, widely used in the construction sector, guarantees a safe and efficient procedure adaptable to any height and any wind turbine size. This design solves these technologies dynamic problems and offers important advantages in costs, logistics and maintenance.

The project starts with the conceptual design and patent, followed by the detail design (including the optimized foundation), design certification by GL, construction process design and certification by GL, site management and quality control.

A prototype was constructed in the Alaiz Experimental Wind Farm (Navarra, España). This prototype proved the technology representing a worldwide milestone in the sector.

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