Project Description


Design of a new component for reducing dose in spent fuel casks to be used in the ISFSI of the Nuclear Power Plant of Santa María de Garoña

INGECID has designed a new component for the reduction of the dose of spent fuel casks, with the objective of responding to the need to evacuate the entire spent fuel inventory of the Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant. All the calculations established in the applicable standards, both thermal and structural, have been carried out, guaranteeing the correct operation of the component and thus complying with all the requirements required to achieve approval by the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

The radiological study guarantees compliance with the dose rate values required by the CSN by means of instruction IS-29. The radiological calculations have been performed using the MAVRIC module of the SCALE package, both for the dose rate on contact and for the dose rate over long distances.

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