INGECID obtains funding from the Regional Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Tourism and Trade to optimise the management of nuclear waste through the GORR project.

27 de October de 2021

The project “GORR: mortars and micro-concretes with high shielding capacities, and new calculation methods, for the optimisation of the management of low and medium level waste from nuclear power plants” has received a grant co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the FEDER Operational Programme 2014-2020 of Cantabria through the INNOVA grant line, supporting innovation, research and product design.

The main objective of the project is research into mortars and/or micro-concretes with high shielding capacities, including real laboratory tests, for use as immobilisation and shielding material in low and intermediate level waste containers at nuclear power plants to replace the material currently used, as well as the use of Montecarlo methods to calculate the associated dose-activity rate correlation factors more accurately, all with the ultimate aim of increasing the amount of radioactive waste that can be incorporated in each container in compliance with the established restrictions.

The design of concretes with high shielding capacities presents a high degree of innovation. INGECID is currently developing projects in which the design of this type of concrete is one of the most critical aspects.