ASM project obtains funding through H2020 programme

11 de February de 2019

The first phase of the Add-on Shielding Module (ASM) project, proposed by INGECID, has been approved under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

The objective of the ASM project is to develop a cost-efficient solution for the temporary storage of spent fuel in dual-purpose metal casks, improving both radiological and structural safety.

To this end, INGECID has developed an overcask, ASM, for use in conjunction with existing metallic casks that will allow them to achieve greater dose reduction at a reasonable cost. ASM will allow plant operators to optimise ISFSI capacity and comply with the ALARA principle in nuclear waste storage at a low cost.

The main advantages of using ASM over the traditional alternative of increasing dose reduction through the construction of a covered ISFSI lie in the possibility of adapting the geometry to each project (function of the metal container, the requirements of the ISFSI and the regulatory requirements to be guaranteed) as well as the fact that the incorporation of ASM has a minimal impact on the licensing process.

The scope of this first phase covers a study to verify the technological and economic feasibility of an idea with a significant novelty for the nuclear sector.

INGECID is currently preparing the proposal to receive funding for Phase 2, which a priori will include the manufacture of a prototype to validate the design, verification of the manufacturing process, crane assembly tests, specific concrete tests to improve the shielding, etc.

An article on this project has been published in CORDIS, which can be read here.

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