The radiological engineering team is highly qualified and has more than 15 years of experience in the nuclear sector. We have carried out radiological calculations of the highest complexity.


Our activity covers all areas in Radiological Engineering:

  • Calculations with Monte Carlo codes using detailed 3D models to calculate the dose (MCNP, MAVRIC).
  • Calculations of the gamma and neutron source terms of all types of fuel assemblies, as well as their residual heat and criticality using the most advanced calculation codes (ORIGEN, TRITON, KENOVI).
  • Neutron flux and activation calculations and estimation of the vessel and internal structural materials (RAMA).
    Elaboration of waste management plans and metal scrap declassification projects, as well as waste characterisation studies, both special wastes and Low and Medium Activity wastes and Very Low Activity wastes (RBBA).
  • Radiological impact assessment. Estimation of the radiological impact by calculating the dose, using different radiological impact codes both for normal operation (Gaspar and Ladtap) and for accident conditions (Radtrad and Rascal).
  • Atmospheric dispersion calculations using Arcon96, XOOQDOQ and PAVAN codes.
  • Training in Radiological Protection.
  • Elaboration of Alara Plans.
  • Licensing with the regulatory body of radiological calculations.